Season 1 Edit

EP1 Flying Solo 1998
EP2 Hal Goes Lost 1998
EP3 Katepops! 1998
EP4 Sick Hal 1998
EP5 Halloween Party Solo 1998
EP6 The Big Rock And Roll Rocks 1998
EP7 Rocks And Rockz 1998
EP8 Coco Party Solo 1998
EP9 Valendaisy Day! 1998
EP10 Astronauts 1999
EP11 Thw Cute and The Fun 1999

Season 2 Edit

EP1 The Fish's Eye 1999
EP2 Dr Bull and De Whiskers 1999
EP3 Car 1999
EP4 Time Hal 2000
EP5 Zambezia Where's That? 2000
EP5 A Snow Man 200

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